Friday, December 1, 2006

The beginning of my Journey

Way back in late 2006, I went to see my kids orthodontist. I had been told years before to fix my bite I would need surgery but, I guess I was hoping he might say something different today. Well... he didn't. He referred me to an oral surgeon. My youngest daughter has seen this same OS in the past to have some teeth pulled before braces. So, off I went.

I saw him in December. He confirmed that the Ortho was indeed correct and after going over all of the x-rays and molds that the Ortho sent over he told me I would need two surgeries. One was called SARPE (surgically assisted rapid pallet expansion) and the other is a LeFort I Osteotomy to shorten my posterior maxilla. I left a little overwhelmed but, I told him to submit it to the Ins. Co. to see what they would say. That was untimately my deciding factor.

After several months, and a few screw ups with things being submitted to the wrong Ins. Co., I got an approval in April 2007.

I was so nervous but, I figured if I thought to much about it, I would chicken out. So I immediately scheduled the appointments to have the spacers, bands, and the the dreaded RPE cemented in.

My surgery was scheduled for June 1, 2007!!!