Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sorry for the absence

Things have been a bit stressful lately and I've kind of gone into shutdown mode. Remember a bit back when I said I was having trouble with my tailbone. Well, they did a colonoscopy and after a few days of anxiously awaiting the results, things ended up okay. Then, they recommended a cat scan and after the nurse told me everything looked okay, I received a call several hours later at 5:20pm saying that in fact it wasn't okay. They found a spot on my hip that had them concerned. I had to have an MRI on Saturday. So since then, I have been staying home thinking the worst. Late yesterday afternoon, I finally received word that it was benign. Thank God!! I kept thinking in my head that my surgery must have been cancelled because I had bigger issues to tackle. It's funny what your mind can do to you.
A few years back, my niece was diagnosed with leukemia, and I was so strong. I took charge and researched, and did everything I needed to do to help her beat it. When it came to the unknown for me recently, I fell apart. Too much on my plate I guess.

As far as my teeth, I'm in a triangle elastic on my right side, helping to pull my bite a little more together. He did that last Wednesday. It hurt the first few days, but now I barely notice it.

I tried to catch up on a few of the blogs and am just amazed at how well all of you are doing. Holly… you look great! Rachel… what an incredible recovery you are having.

Karen, keep your chin up, my thoughts and prayers are with you!

I'll catch up with everyone else shortly, take care everyone!!


holski said...

aw. thanks for saying I look great Michelle. I really needed that! I know it's hard for other people to understand, but I still look in the mirror and see a monster. =( Every day it does seem to get a little better though. They mean it when they say this recovery can take a year!

I was sad to hear you were having a stressful week, but so happy to hear that things are looking up! You are such a trooper. I am just glad to see a post too... I've missed you! Do you know when your braces will be able to come off? I am estimating Nov/Dec for me at the earliest. Maybe we'll get them off at the same time. That would be great!

Anyway, I'd better go. Off to another appointment. I've never had so many appointments in my life! =)

ingrid said...

yay you're back! glad to hear that you're ok :)

Katherine said...

Oh, Michelle. So good to hear from you again, but sorry to hear of the scares, tests, and waiting you've been having. You've been having quite the time of it, haven't you? Enough already!!! Of course your brain went into overdrive, how could it NOT?! Big sigh of relief with you aver the news that the spot is benign. Will it still have to be removed or will they leave it alone?

Did you get to go away with your family still, or did it get pushed back due to the health issues? (Or was it spent worrying and wondering what the heck was going on?) Hope the rest of your summer quiets down and is peaceful & uneventful ( of the bad kind of event, anyways).

Take care of yourself, hon, and will be thinking of you lots. :)

Ps. You ARE and INCREDIBLY strong woman. Just as you were there for your neice, it takes a strong person to be able to step back and let someone else step in to be strong for you! *hug*

Kiwikaren said...

Thanks for your support Michelle ... the blogging community is amazing. These sad and difficult times are hard work, but I have to find strength, as I need to enjoy whatever time is left for me and my hubby. I love him so much, the pain is tearing me apart.

Great that your results were positive and your life is back on track.

Here's to the triangle elastic working it's magick and your bite coming together as needed.

Here's to a stress free time ahead!

Stephanie said...

Michelle, so sorry to hear all your troubles, but glad to hear that everything is ok.

Take it easy and take care :)

nabukay said...

hi Michelle, just look up and smile and there rest of the world will smile back at you. I can't imagine you being down for too long because you are just so strong.

Michelle said...

Hey Michelle, sorry to hear about the stress that you have been dealing with but God only gives us what we can handle and from what I can tell so far, you are one tough cookie! You will get past this just as you have with the other hurdles that you have already jumped....youve got lots of good thought and prayers coming your way from so many wonderful people. I will keep you in my prayers for sure.

Shontelly said...

How's Heather these days??

Shontelly said...

I mean, Michelle..GOD, Where is my brain??? LOL

stephanie said...

Michelle? Thinking about you!

Katherine said...

Just wanted to let you know I've been thinking about you lots; hope things have settled down significantly and that peace is returning to your home.

Miss you :)

Katherine said...

No, like...REALLY miss you. You've got me worrying, girl!

nabukay said...

Are you okay? miss you.

stephanie said...

Miss you lots.... hope everything is okay!!

Katherine (Kate) said...

You're going to give us a "Brace-free" smile one of these days, and it'll be one huge surprise!

Just thinking about you today & wanted to let you know. :)

*HUGE hugs*