Friday, June 6, 2008


My Uncle commented to me last night that I was so brave for going ahead with this surgery. It seemed strange to me because, I certainly don't feel brave. I feel nervous. I feel like, I wish I didn't have to do it. I sat there really thinking about it. I feel like I don't really have a choice. If I want a normal bite, I have to do it. I know he meant it in the nicest way BUT, sometimes I wish people would understand that it's not just a quick decision I made so that I would look better. I would just like to be able to breath and chew like your average normal person.

34 more days.... yikes!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!


Katherine said...

Or, you can look at it from the other side......he didn't say you were crazy, impulsive, all-round stupid or shrug it off as no big deal! Bravery to me involves forsight, planning and determination. Knowing the battle ahead and choosing to engage in spite of the odds.

EVERYthing involves choice. You could choose to try and ignore it. You would eventually be faced with the same battle down the road, but you can choose to run and hide from it as long as you can. You made the choice way back when, when the whole process began, when you acknowledged that for you, this was an obvious route, if not the ONLY one (making it feel like there's no other option). That's determination and committment to finding a solution :)

Bravery doesn't mean NOT feeling scared, nervous, aprehensive and out right scared SH&$less alot of the time. It's plugging through it, one step at a time, EVEN THOUGH you feel these things. I want to be brave!

There's a chance your uncle actually hit the nail right on the head :)

Just food for thought, and hoping you have a great weekend, too! :)

y said...

I do think it's brave to make the decision itself, especially when you know everything it's going to entail. Brave doesn't mean worry-free, I think. Being nervous is something else altogether.
all the best for the fortcoming surgery! ( mine is in two days' time; I'm being brave AND terrified at the same time :-)


holski said...

Yes, you uncle probably meant it in the nicest way... but I know what you mean. I've really tried to stop caring what people think about this surgery. I know it's hard. I used to try to explain myself. I used the ol' "if you had one leg shorter than the other, and it could be fixed easily with a simple surgery.. wouldn't you? It would allow you to walk better, improve your quality of life... and yes, it would also make you look more normal". I don't even say this anymore. That doesn't mean I won't ever try to educate anyone ever again. I'm just so tired of people not understanding. You just don't have to explain yourself to anyone, unless you want to. =)

laura said...

Wow, it's so soon already. Seems like we were just talking about how far away July was. Exciting!!

I just think about how people have had to live with all kinds of nasty health problems for thousands of years, but we've never stopped working to make our lives better ... and this is the result. We can fix bite problems and silly twisty jaws. So why continue to live with it when you don't have to. The cavemen could only dream of this. They'd want you to do it.

stephanie said...

You ARE brave. 'Nuff said. Hope you are doing well! Thinking about you.

Shontelly said...

YOU ARE BRAVE!! We all are. This is some serious business and it takes a courageous guy/gal to do it. When I was having my second pre-op there was this guy there with a MASSIVE open bite. He told me that he could have his fixed for free just like me but there was NO WAY IN HELL that he would go through that. SO, pick that head up babe.. your courageous!!

nabukay said...

I agree with all the others. You are very brave for deciding to go through all that you are to fix your bite. Some of these things are very traumatic! like the adjustments. You should be very proud of yourself! hugs.

Katherine said...

Just checking to see how things are coming/going ~ Blood work and surgical molds made, CHECK!

Only a week & a half 'till some much deserved down time with your family :)

stephanie said...

I hope you're so busy having a wonderful summer you haven't had time to post! Thinking about you!!